January 17, 2022

Whitepaper: Guiding our steps

News came from distant lands! ⚔️ Here's what our brave explorers were able to discover

Whitepaper: Guiding our steps

Presenting Rytell's Whitepaper

Greetings Warriors! Since our battle for the Whitepaper has come to an end, we have decided to show you people the results of the tremendous struggle and sacrifice our brotherhood has made to bring you a unique experience.

Our team is working hard to keep you updated as well as providing a close overview of the project. It’s worth mentioning that we’re upgrading some stuff in order to bring out the best.

So here you have, after a long journey, the long awaited Whitepaper! The ancient scriptures that will guide you through the landscapes of Rytell.

If you have any doubts about the Whitepaper or you’re searching for more info, consult our Twitter.

Want to know more about Rytell?

Rytell is a new NFT MMO project launched in Avalanche that presents a high-fantasy world, introducing lands, playable characters, weapons, resource gathering, and real time PVP/PVE; experience a comfortable gameplay while you get immersed in Rytell’s lore.

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