How To Play

Rytell is a Play-to-Earn fantasy themed MMO Game built on Avalanche. Players will have full control over every asset in the game.


The land of Rytell is filled with many races competing for dominance. Each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and tier level.

Heroes are the key asset in Rytell. Each hero is an NFTs( erc721 standard ). There can be only 10,000 heroes minted in Rytell. Players need to mint at least one hero to play the game.

There are 8 playable races.


The lands of Rytell are rich in resources and each land has two or more resource-producing buildings.

Stone Quarry - Generates stone blocks

Lumber Mill - Generates wooden planks

Metal Mine - Generates iron ore

Farmers Hut - Generates wheat

Merchant - Generates RADI

There are 8 initial land types.


Snow Mountains


Marred Grove





These resources can be harvested and used to upgrade buildings to increase resource production or to craft equipable items for your hero.

Equipable items will be used to increase the attack power and defense of your Rytell hero for the idle mining game, and PVP mode (Q2 of 2022)